Get Involved!

Want to get more involved with the band program? There are several upcoming opportunities in the 2018-19 school year. Contact band directors Doug Mattsey or Art Martinez or any of the Band Booster officers and Committee chairs listed below.

President – Kevin Nichols, president@macombbands.org
Vice President – Courtney Blankenship, vicepresident@macombbands.org
Secretary – Kim McDaniel, secretary@macombbands.org
Treasurer – Nancy Gruidl, treasurer@macombbands.org
Ways & Means Committee – Sharon Evans, ways&means@macombbands.org
Chaperones – Teri Sikes, chaperones@macombbands.org
Publicity – Darren McDaniel, publicity@macombbands.org
Formalwear – Muruvvet Tasden, formalwear@macombbands.org
Uniforms – Tricia Burkholder, uniforms@macombbands.org